Simplifying KYC & Due Diligence

vCheckID is an online AML compliance service which provides scanning service against lists of Sanctioned Individuals, companies as welll as Politically Exposed Personnels ( PEPs ), Person of Special Interest and Special Interest Entities. vCheckID has 2 types of data available, both of which provide global coverage. 1. Standard Data This data includes an extensive coverage of global Sanction lists and a consolidated global PEP list, which is growing on a daily basis. This covers the most popular Sanction lists including
  • OFAC,
  • United Nations Sanctions,
  • US Consolidated Sanctions,
  • EU Financial Sanctions,
  • UK Financial Sanctions,
  • Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (Canada)
  • Bureau of Industry and Security (US)
  • Interpol
  • and much more.
2. Premium Data This dataset utilizes Thomson Reuters World Check database. The information includes global sanction lists and a consolidated list of Political Exposed Persons (PEP), their Relatives and Closes Associates (RCA) and persons and entities linked to high profile crimes.

How our scanning works ?

  1. Type in the name you are searching for.
  2. The AI engine searches possible matchs, near misses and alias for you and show you relevant results.